We all experience toothache from time to time. Even a mild toothache can spoil your day. And when it interferes with eating and sleeping, the frustration can be terrible.


The most obvious symptom is pain, ranging from mild to excruciating. Often, the pain is aggravated when eating hot or cold foods or chewing.

Although we normally think of toothache as confined to one bad tooth, sometimes it may affect many teeth or even the jaw.

But toothache can also be deceptive. A painful tooth may turn out to be entirely healthy and innocent. So don’t rush to blame a painful tooth, racing to the dentist to have it ripped out. Extracting a troublesome tooth may not always be the answer.


There are various direct causes for toothache.

But the source of the pain may be entirely disconnected. The cause could be an infection or disease of the inner ear or sinuses, or even symptoms of heart disease and angina.

This is why it may be advisable to consult your doctor as well as your dentist to diagnose the genuine cause or illness.


Correct diagnosis is important. Arrange an appointment with your dentist for a thorough oral examination. Sometimes, dental X-rays will be necessary. The dentist will determine whether a tooth or the jaw is to blame and decide on the best treatment.

For more information, contact your local Dental Care Network dentist if you have a concern about a sore tooth.


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