Automated Anaesthetic

Many patients can be anxious or nervous about dental treatment. Often it is the anaesthetic injection itself that can be the cause. If the thought of a painkilling injection upsets you, automated anaesthetic using the Wand may be less traumatic.

These days, the Wand is known by the far less interesting name of CompuDENT or the Single Tooth Anaesthesia (STA) system.

How the Wand Works

Most people believe the pain of an injection is caused by the needle piercing the skin. Actually, this isn’t true. The sting is often caused by the anaesthetic being pumped in too quickly.

Although the Wand is still an injection, the flow of anaesthetic is computer-controlled. This reduces or removes the risk of the sting for a comfortable, pain-free injection. The precise computer control also allows for greater accuracy; numbing the intended area with less impact on the surrounding tongue, cheek or face.

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