Decay can often be invisible to the naked eye, hiding in the natural pits, grooves and fissures of the teeth or even beneath the hard enamel. DIAGNOdent is a laser technology than can hunt out and reveal hidden decay.

How DIAGNOdent works

The dentist scans your teeth with a pulsed light from a DIAGNOdent scanner. If there is a difference in the substance of the tooth, the scanner can pick up the change in the reflected light. The change in the wavelength can help determine just how much decay is there.

Reducing guess work for earlier detection

Decay can start attacking the soft internal structure of your tooth, even though the enamel may only have microscopic defects. If bacteria get in through these defects, the decay can begin to cause damage to the tooth even though the tooth may outwardly look healthy.

DIAGNOdent increases the chances of identifying this hidden decay early, so it can be treated.

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