Specialised Dental Treatments

Most of us will need some form of specialised dental service at some point in our lives. We may need braces, a difficult tooth extraction, root canal therapy or some other specialised dental treatment.

But not every dentist can provide these services. Dentists have to undergo further training to be able to offer these dental specialisations. So if your family dentist can’t give you the treatment, you will be referred to a specialist with the required skills.


Dental pulp is the living, connective tissue that makes up the heart of a tooth, including the nerves, arterioles, venules, lympatic and fibrous tissues. When this dental or tooth pulp is injured or damaged by disease, endodontic treatments such as root canal therapy may be used to save the tooth.

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

This is a specialised form of surgery that mainly deals with the mouth (oral) and jaw (maxillofacial) areas. Common surgical procedures include extractions, implants and other facial surgery, and therefore require extensive specialist training.

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Many of us go through teeth straightening as children or teenagers, for either cosmetic or medical reasons. But Orthodontics is far more than just braces. It is often used to treat improper bites (malocclusions), or other defects such as a disproportionate jaw or tooth irregularity.

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Your teeth rely on the gums and surrounding tissue – otherwise known as the periodontium - for support and general health. Periodontists use various surgical and non-surgical techniques to treat disease of the periodontium.

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Dentures, implants and bridges are the specialised area of the Prosthodontist and require great mechanical skill, as well as a little artistry, to produce great looking replacement teeth.

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