Do's and Don'ts For All Ages

No matter your age, there are some things that will always be great and others that will more likely harm when it comes to maintaining a fantastic, healthy smile.

Proper Protection

You can do a lot to protect your teeth simply by sticking to a good oral health routine - being sure to brush, floss and maintain your regular dental check-ups. Prevention is better than a cure.

If you love playing sport, it is a good idea to ensure you wear the right mouth-guard. This is not an absolute for every sport. If you play tennis, are a runner or a swimmer then wearing a mouth guard is not practical. However, if you play a contact or hard-ball sport of any kind, many clubs make a mouth-guard mandatory.

It can take time to get used to wearing a mouth-guard but the temporary discomfort is far outweighed by the protection it gives your teeth. It only takes one misplaced kick or swing to do your mouth and your wallet a serious damage.

If you need a mouth-guard, now is the time to make an appointment or research more about Oral Health and Sport.

Food Choices

Sweet treats are a delicious part of life and we all enjoy them but over exposure to certain food stuffs can demineralise the enamel of our teeth.

The ever present bacteria in our mouths break sugar down to acid. Intense levels of acid build up can lead to decay, softening of the enamel and increased sensitivity around the teeth and gum line.

To minimise the result of a sugary or starchy binge, follow up with a little bit of cheese or yogurt, raw carrot, piece of celery or an apple to help neutralise the acid and ‘scrub’ the surface of the teeth to help remove lingering sticky substances. Rinse your mouth with fresh water afterward to clean away any lingering fruit sugars and your mouth will look and feel fresh.

Is it time for a check up on the health of your enamel? Make an appointment or read more about Oral Health and Nutrition.

Naughty and Nice Lifestyle Habits


It is common for smoking to start in teenage years and continue for decades into adult life. At the least, it will result in badly stained teeth but there are long term and wide ranging health issues associated with smoking.

When it comes to oral wellbeing, smokers are twice as likely to experience tooth loss and 4x as likely to experience advanced periodontal diseases as those who do not indulge the habit.

Should oral surgery be required to address periodontal disease or tooth loss, it is important to note that smoking also reduces the ability of the mouth to heal.

Perhaps the most severe result is to develop oral cancer, which attacks the lips and tongue, throat and gums, as well as the oesophagus.

Need help to quit? Talk to your Dentist for recommendations on how to reduce the impact of smoking on your oral health.

Medication and Drugs

Prescription medication, so called ‘party drugs’ and hard narcotics alike can all have a detrimental effect on oral wellbeing.

Chewing on aspirin is a common habit amongst many people, who probably are not aware of how acidic it is. However, such over the counter medication does not come close to the way methamphetamines like ice, meth and speed destroy teeth. The impact is so rapid that dentists around the world have dubbed it the ‘meth melt’ effect.

One of the most well-known side effects of illicit drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy is vicious grinding and clenching of the jaw. This can lead to TMJ Dysfunction and it also creates constant pressure on teeth that can damage the enamel and the underlying jaw structure.

Need to discuss a concern? Make an appointment now or read more about Oral Wellbeing.

Trust Your Dentist

Your dentist is a medical professional. That means your patient information is confidential and protected by patient-doctor privilege.

It is always advisable to give your dentist as much information as you can about your lifestyle, so your treatment plans can be adjusted accordingly.

You can do a lot to reduce the impact of over indulgence simply by sticking to a good oral health routine at home and being sure to brush, floss and maintain your regular check-ups.

You can brush up on the best kind of habits here.


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