Bone Grafting Post Operative

Following a bone graft procedure, you need to be aware of the following.

There are many general activities we need to do to recover from oral surgery. The risk of infection to the wound is high, so great care must be taken to follow your post-operative instructions correctly.

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However, following a bone graft procedure, you need to be aware of the following.

The Blood Clot

It is very important that the blood clot that forms over the area is allowed to stabilise, as this helps seal and protect the wound. Therefore, don’t rinse your mouth for the first 24 hours and then only rinse gently for the few days following, to avoid dislodging the clot and exposing the area.

Avoiding Infection

Your dentist may prescribe a course of antibiotics to further protect you from infection.

You must also attempt to keep the area clean and as sterile as possible. Only rinse your mouth with salt water and/or an antiseptic mouthwash recommended by your dentist, for the entire healing period.If you are a smoker it is essential that you stop smoking completely for at least one week as this can aggravate or irritate the area.

Bone Particles

If you become aware of small particles or granules in your mouth, don’t panic. It’s expected. The site of the bone graft is over-packed with bone particles, as some may become dislodged in the first few days. But you must take care to minimise how many particles are dislodged.


If the stitches or sutures are dissolving sutures, they should dissolve normally in about twelve days. However, resist the temptation to have a look at them by pulling your lip down. This can stretch the area, placing pressure on the sutures and could possibly tear open the wound. If they are not dissolving, your dentist will organize to see you, normally about a week after the procedure to check on healing and remove the sutures


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